Saturday, December 24, 2011

VBS 2012 - Top Pick for Music . . .

What would VBS be without great music? VBS songs are one of the things which has the potential to "last" long beyond the five days of VBS as kids continue to sing the songs they learned. So, what do I look for in VBS music? Well, first of all the songs need to have a solid message . . . I look for songs which reinforce the Bible teaching and help remind kids of the lessons they learned. I also look for music with "pep" . . . music which will get kid's toes a tappin' and lift their hearts! In addition, while I enjoyed VBS in the 60's (as a kid) I really want the sound of the songs to relate to today! So . . . my Top Music Pick for VBS 2012 is . . . 

Praise . . . where kids get down and lift God high from Go Fish! There is absolutely no doubt these are songs kids - and volunteers and parents - are absolutely going to LOVE! I love the message, music and sound - these songs do what they say - engage kids in singing, dancing . . . getting "down" . . . while lifting God high in praise! I love the combination of Go Fish! and Denver and the Mile High Orchestra - how can you not have amazing music with this combination???!!!! You'll find eight songs on the DVD this year - Shackles/Praise You - (my favorite), Movin' To the Beat, If You're Happy and You Know, All of My Heart, Sunday School Swing, The Crazy Dance, I'll Do My Best and Get Down. Everyone will be singing and dancing to these songs for years to come! If you are a fan of Go Fish's music, you will not be disappointed. If you are not familiar with their music, you are about to become a fan! If you select Praise as your VBS for 2012, you will absolutely be thrilled with the music. If you do not select Praise, then be sure to get the music anyway - you'll be glad you did!

My 2012 Runner-up Music for VBS is Adventures on Promise Island by Standard Publishing! This year they had Yancy sing and write ten of their songs - His Promise Is Forever, Always with Us, Standing on the Promises, God Cares About Me, All Things, Forever Today and Always, God Loved the World, When We Pray, As Long As I Live and There Are Promises. Yancy does an amazing job with songs which have solid messages, "pep" and a sound kids will love! I hope Standard has Yancy write and sing their songs for VBS 2013!

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  1. Thanks so much for your kind words Lynda. The Go Fish Guys are honored once again with your selection of their music & videos as the Top Pick for VBS Music. We agree with you that relevant music is such an important part of children's ministry. Thanks for including it as one of your categories.
    Mark Campbell
    General Manager - Go Fish Resources