Sunday, January 1, 2012

Timeline for My 2012 VBS Reviews . . .

Tomorrow, January 2nd, is the day my Top Ten VBS for 2012 Countdown begins! Each day, Monday through Friday, I'll post a review for one of my Top Ten VBS resources for 2012 . . . my Top Pick for 2012 will be released on January 13th! In addition, on Friday January 6th and 13th I'll post a breakdown of costs for each of the VBS resources I reviewed that week. On January 16th I'll post my side-by-side comparison charts for VBS 2012 - this will include all 16 resources I reviewed - and the week of January 16th I'll post reviews each day for the six additional kits I reviewed.

I'll finish out January with posts on additional ways to use VBS resources, info to consider about recruiting, training and promoting your VBS along with posts about how to follow-up your VBS with the families your VBS brought you in contact with! So, as you can see, the month of January will be a busy on, focused on VBS!

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