Friday, January 6, 2012

Top Ten Coundown for VBS 2012 - IncrediWorld Amazement Park from Answers in Genesis!

As I said yesterday, this year I have a two-way tie for sixth place in my Top Ten VBS for 2012 review, so today I want to share with you the new VBS from Answers in Genesis - IncrediWorld Amazement Park!
IncrediWorld Amazement Park – a thrill ride through God’s creation!
Answers in Genesis

  1. Creation Day: Back to the Beginning - Genesis 1-2:3 - How long ago was the time when time began? In 6 short days, everything was made!
  2. Worldview Day: Wear you BIBLE glasses! - Genesis 1-2:3; Proverbs1:7 - What in the world is a worldview? The Bible says it. That settles it!
  3. Gospel Day: the Ride of your life! - Genesis 1-3 & other Scripture - Can your view of Creation affect your view of the Gospel? Admit, Believe, Forever Receive!
  4. Design Day: a Closer look at God's handiwork - Scriptures - Does every creature have a Creator? It couldn't just happen, God made them that way!
  5. Dino Day: Let's clear up the confusion! - Job 40-41 - Are dinos in the Bible? Behemoth and Leviathan, they lived at the time of man!
Setting – IncrediWorld Amazement – Theme Park
Message – Kids take a thrill ride through God’s creation where they come face-to-face with God’s incredible world of wonders and go wild learning we always start with the Bible because it is always true! If you are looking for a resource strong on apologetics, definitely take a look at  IncrediWorld Amazement Park!
Focus – Evangelism, Content – the Bible is always true and we believe it

Strengths –
  • As I would expect, IncrediWorld has a strong emphasis on Creation and the infallibility of the Bible! On the third day it does make a very strong and clear salvation lesson, but most of the days focus on evolution
  • I love the “Go and Do” portion of each lesson where children have specific things to go and do to live what they learned!
  • I’m very happy to see teachers and children reading from the Bible during the Bible lessons!
  • The director’s info is very complete and full of extra information, tips and trivia!
  • I love the Top Ten Tips for a VBS Prayer Ministry! Excellent!
  • Love the idea for “praying for you postcards”!
  • Very complete director’s information!
  • I especially love the info on some of the amazing creatures God created – seems like this might have been a great place for a science station
  • I found the options for crafts to be varied, affordable and fun!
  • The Contest portion of the closing is fun – sure to generate enthusiasm!
  • Big improvement in the music this year – it is available with a Contemporary or Traditional sound giving churches options
Would like to see –
  • Ideas to help kids serve in their own communities.
  • A Bible lesson book for multi-ages – this would make things easier for churches where they do not use a classroom teaching model for the Bible lessons.
  • more of a focus on intentionally engaging the kids in the teaching of the Bible lesson – less teaching “at” them and more engaging the kids in discovering what God’s Word says with dramas or other ways they could participate more beyond just answering questions.
  • More engagement in the opening – perhaps an object lesson/science project – I like the contest in the closing, but an object lesson to once again present the point in a way which leaves the kids saying “wow” would be a great addition
  • More options for crafts so churches are able to select the ones which are the best fit for their ministry
As Answers in Genesis says, “At IncrediWorld, we want to give God the glory He deserves for who He is and what He has made! Your kids will go wild as they experience God’s incredible world of wonders and learn that the Bible tells the truth in Genesis about God creating all things in six actual days! They’ll find out true science supports the biblical account!” With IncrediWorld Park your kids will learn God’s Word is the absolutely reliable source for information on how the world began! If you are particularly looking for resources on creation,  IncrediWorld Amazement Park is most certainly worth taking a look at to see if it is a good “fit” for your ministry. You may also want to look at this kit as a resource you could use for mid-week ministry . . . Answers in Genesis offers their materials past the end of the summer so you would still be able to find the components you need.

I'm thrilled to announce Answers in Genesis is making available one of their starter kits for me to give away!!! This drawing will be in two weeks . . . so keep watching for more details!


  1. Is the VBS kit from Answers in Genesis suitable as a weekly program for home fellowship children's groups?

  2. It provides five lessons, activities, music - you could easily make it last for 10 weeks if you spread out the activities and repeat the lesson in a more active way - It would be a resource you could use to teach creation and with all the info it could be one which would generate a lot of discussion, questions and interaction. I'd add some science projects to it!