Thursday, January 19, 2012

VBS 2012 - Sonlight Express - Jesus and Me - Bogard Press

If you are looking for a very traditional VBS with a strong focus on evangelism, be sure to check out Sonlight Express from Bogard Press.
Sonlight Express – Jesus and Me
Bogard Press –

  1. Jesus meets Nicodemus - John 3:1-7 - Jesus saves me!
  2. Jesus leads His sheep - John 110:1-9,27 - Jesus leads me
  3. Jesus calms the storm - Mark 4:35-41 - Jesus takes care of me
  4. Jesus lives today - Luke 24:1-9 - Jesus lives for me
  5. Jesus will come again - Acts 1:9-12 - Jesus will come for me
Setting – on board the Sonlight Express as it travels through the Great Gorge, Mercy Meadows, Fearless Falls, Timeless Tunnel and Sonrise Summit
Message – Children will “travel” and learn, as Bogard Press says, “how to receive Jesus Christ as Savior, the importance of following Him, how to trust Jesus in difficult times, they’ll hear about Christ's resurrection and what it means and learn about Christ's return and how to be prepared.”
Focus – Evangelism and Bible content

Strengths –
  • Solid Bible teaching with an evangelism focus
  • The craft book is filled with a variety of crafts made from items you can collect/buy and each one ties in with the Bible lessons
  • Fun setting – easy to decorate for – especially with all the posters included in the starter kit
  • focus on specific things for kids to go and “do” before they return the next day to live what they learned
Would like to see –
  • Bible lessons which are more engaging and creative in capturing the kid’s attention – we have to remember something to understand it and if we do not understand it we won’t know how to live it and if we do not know how to live it, it won’t change our lives. Engage the kids so they will remember, understand and live God’s Word for changed  lives!
  • Music videos show preschool and elementary age children, both boys and girls - which I like – but all the children are white. A video with children from different races would be better.
  • Music which kids will want to keep singing beyond VBS and at home, school – everywhere they go
  • Opportunities to engage children in activities where they are serving the people in their community
  • Information to help churches select and stay focused on a goal for their VBS
  • more learning stations to engage kids - science projects would be a great addition
Bogard Press says, with Sonlight Express children, "will learn how to receive Christ as Savior, follow His leadership, trust His care and believe in His resurrection and return." Overall, Sonlight Express has a strong emphasis on evangelism, so if you are looking for a resource for a primarily evangelistic outreach, this could be a good “fit” for you. I would really like to see Bible lessons which engage the children actively and more enthusiasm in the open/close with object lessons. A science station could have fit well with this setting and music with more pep would have been great, but if you can “boost” these resources a bit you will have a VBS kids will enjoy and learn from!

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