Sunday, February 5, 2012

Family Resources - Celebrating Milestones - Legacy Milestones!

I am soooo excited to share the ministry of Kingsland Baptist Church and Dr. Brian Haynes from Katy, TX with you today as we think about celebrating milestones! This church has intentionally designed a plan to, as they say, "equip parents to effectively train our children in the Christian faith as they do the common things of life." They call this plan - "Legacy Milestones" and it is nothing short of amazing! They have identified seven "milestones" for all ages, but in this post we will focus on the first three as they relate to children.

  1. Milestone 1 - Parent/Baby Dedication - "The first step on the legacy pathway is Parent/Baby Dedication. This is a seminar and a ceremony which occurs for parents who have children between birth and one year of age. Parents, through a two hour required seminar, learn how to become primary faith trainers for their children and accept the responsibility. Resources and learning opportunities are provided for the new parents desiring to dedicate their child to the Lord. During the ceremony, the church body commits to partner with the parents in the faith development of the child for the duration of the journey." 
  2. Milestone 2 - Salvation & Baptism - "An important milestone in the life of every person is salvation and baptism. For the child growing up in a Christian home and in the context of a local church, a decision point is often reached between the ages of 7 and 11. This decision may also occur later in life. Between Milestone #1 and Milestone #2 the church partners with and equips parents to lead their kids towards a personal relationship with Jesus Christ which leads toward salvation. Parents are encouraged to attend a seminar which teaches the biblical truth about salvation and baptism. Parents are equipped and given resources to lead family devotions in their homes where these principles are taught. To make this milestone steps memorable and special, families can include a Spiritual Birthday celebration which focuses on the child's date of salvation and a family celebration at and following the child's baptism event. Parents are encouraged to invite family, friends and those who spiritually influence the child."
  3. Milestone 3 - Preparing for Adolescence - "It is so important to help children prepare spiritually, emotionally and physically for adolescence. Between the ages of 10 and 12, we begin to introduce these concepts to kids as they attend church ministries and activities. We also equip parents to intentionally prepare their children to enter the teen years. Parents are encouraged to attend a two hour seminar called Preparing for Adolescence: Parent Edition. This seminar teaches the basics concerning talking with your kids about relevant issues such as physical changes, identity in Christ and sex. Parents will learn how to use James Dobson's CD series called, 'Preparing for Adolescence' in the course of a road trip for just you and your maturing child."
Kingsland Baptist Church has included a wealth of information and resources on the Legacy Milestones on their website - they ask you to ask them for permission before you make any copies of these materials. I say - ask them for permission! You will find parent seminars and seminar materials for each milestone . . . I am beyond impressed with the generosity of Kingsland! 

In addition, Kingsland offers a workshop for pastors . . . I'd encourage every children's pastor/director and senior pastor to make the trip to Katy, TX, and attend this seminar! They also offer a parent seminar twice a year - it is obvious they are fully committed to the Legacy Milestones and intentionally equipping parents to be the primary spiritual trainers of their children!

How often have we and do we lament the lack of engagement among our parents in taking on their God-given role as primary spiritual leaders and teachers of their children? This plan from Kingsland is intentionally designed to equip the church so we actually do equip parents. It is doable! Check the links in this article and start the conversation at your church about how you can implement an intentional plan to equip parents and reach children as Kingsland is doing! Thank you Kingsland for your willingness to share these resources with all of us! Thank you Brian McKay for telling me about Legacy Milestones!

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