Friday, February 24, 2012

Family Ministry on a Shoe-String - More Minute to Win It!

Again, I'd like to thank Lindsey Whitney for allowing me to re-post her "Minute to Win It" articles from her site - Growing Kids Ministry. This post goes on to build on the first with more ideas for games!

I stumbled upon a great little game book which contained some real gems — some of which would be great for Minute to Win It.  I thought I’d share them here! 

  • Broomstick Balance - A bridge is made by laying broomsticks on the seat of two chairs a slight distance apart.  With the aid of a cane, contestants sit on the broomsticks and cross their legs.  When they are nicely balanced, they use the cane to try and remove two hankies which have been hung on the back of the chairs behind them.  No falling allowed.  
  • French Scissors Game - From a clothesline strung across the playing area (can be held up by two helpers), hang twenty small trinkets with string.  Blindfold the player, whirl them around, and give them a pair of blunt (safety) scissors. They must cut down all the prizes in a minute without hanging onto the clothesline with their free hand.
  • Ring Pan Ping Pong Toss - Set an angel-food cake tin (bundt pan) on a table and give players a bucket of ping pong balls.  Standing on the opposite end of the table from the cake tin (about 6 feet away), the contestant must toss or bounce the balls into the pan.  Balls in the outer ring get 5 points each and balls in the inner ring get 15 points.  Players must get 30 points in one minute.
  • Bouncer - Similar to the game above.  A wastebasket is placed on a chair (small wastebasket).  A line is drawn about six feet away which the contestant stands behind.  The game is to bounce three balls into the wastebasket.  You may use ping pong balls or bouncy balls, depending on what kind of effect you’re going for.  Not as easy as it sounds!

I have one more post to share from Lindsey  - "Minute to Win It - Summer Edition!" Thank you again, Lindsey - please be sure to check her site for wonderful ideas, information and resources for children's ministry!

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