Monday, February 13, 2012

Please Check Kidmin1124 - My New Post is About the #4 Essential Thing for Volunteers

Over on Kidmin1124 I've been talking about the top five essential things for us to give our volunteers. I've said, “There certainly are a lot of things we need to give our volunteers, but for the next few weeks, I’m going to share my top five essentials for us to give our volunteers.” Then I posted about the #5 essential thing for us to give our volunteers . . . give them resources! On my new post I want to take a few moments to consider the #4 essential thing for us to give our volunteers, training!

Please check my post and you'll find three things to avoid when planning your training times and nine tips to help your training be a success!

As I say, "Whatever you do, commit to providing training for your volunteers this year because it is essential. If we want our volunteers to be successful in their ministry, we need to provide the tools they need and training is an essential tool! Next week I’ll look at the #3 essential thing we need to provide for our volunteers, support and encouragement!"

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