Friday, February 3, 2012

Please Check Out Kidmin1124 - My New Post is About 5 Essentials For Your Volunteers!

When you have a few minutes, please check my new post on Kidmin 1124 - Five Essentials for Your Children's Ministry . . . #5 - Give Them Resources! I said, "There certainly are a lot of things we need to give our volunteers, but for the next few weeks, I’m going to share my top five essentials for us to give our volunteers. Today let’s think about the #5 essential thing for us to give our volunteers . . . give them resources! When we ask someone to volunteer their time, energy and self to serve in our children’s ministry, we need to be sure we are not also asking them to come up with the resources they will need to serve. Be sure you provide each of the following things for your volunteers . . ."

Please check the full post and be watching over the coming four weeks as I outline more "essentials" for your children's ministry!

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