Sunday, February 12, 2012

Put Feet to Their Faith with Samaritan's Purse Children's Heart Project

For the past few weeks I've been sharing about Samaritan's Purse's Children's Heart Project and today I'd like to share another example of how they are helping children . . . and families around the world!

Bolormaa has endured many challenges in her brief two years of life. Sickly since birth, the toddler was weak and malnourished and constantly battled respiratory problems. When she was only 6 months old, her parents asked an aunt and uncle to take Bolormaa because they were too poor to provide for her. Fortunately, she was lovingly welcomed into their home and legally adopted by the couple, who also have a 15-year-old son. Bolormaa’s aunt and uncle were willing to do whatever was required to help this precious child. Concerned about her continued poor health, they took her to a doctor in their remote province of Arhangai. He diagnosed a heart defect and recommended the little girl be examined by a pediatric cardiologist in Ulaanbaatar, the capital city located hundreds of miles away. The cardiologist said Bolormaa’s condition would only worsen unless she had corrective surgery, and referred her case to our Children’s Heart Project staff in Mongolia. 

“We found out she urgently needed to have surgery,” said Moogie, Bolormaa’s aunt. “It was a shocking moment and it turned our lives upside down. I had so many questions about how we would find a hospital and how we would find money. We had no hope.” The opportunity for a miracle soon became a reality. The Children’s Heart Project arranged for Bolormaa, along with six other Mongolian boys and girls, to receive heart surgery at a hospital in San Antonio, Texas. The evening before she was scheduled to fly to the United States, Bolormaa slipped and fell onto an open fire pit in her family’s home. Still in pain, she endured the long flight with barely a whimper but required medical attention when she arrived in San Antonio. Moogie traveled with Bolormaa and an interpreter to Texas. She feared the little girl’s surgery would be delayed or possibly canceled because of her injuries. But once again, God took care of them and performed a miracle. Remarkably, Bolormaa’s burns healed quickly and her surgery was postponed for only one week. The operation was a complete success, and the child who used to tire easily was now bouncing with energy and beaming with joy. 

Moogie was experiencing a heart transformation of her own. She and another one of the Mongolian moms, Tiggy, enjoyed participating in their host family’s daily Bible study and prayer time. Sometimes Moogie would find quiet moments to sit by herself and delve into God’s Word. One evening the group discussed God’s gift of salvation through Jesus Christ. Moogie marveled that she could be forgiven of her sins and everything in her past. God was tugging at Tiggy’s heart too, and that night both moms prayed to receive Jesus as Savior. The women were so excited that they called their husbands in Mongolia to tell them! The mothers and their children were baptized before they left the United States last year, and they continue to share the Good News of the Great Physician with people in their home villages. Moogie is praying that her husband will be the next family member to receive Jesus as Savior.

As for Bolormaa, she is now an active toddler who enjoys playing outdoors and “helping” her aunt around the house. In October she will celebrate her third birthday, a gift her family dared not hope for a year ago. “The work of Children’s Heart Project has touched many lives in Mongolia, and given so many kids back to their families,” Moogie said. “Thank you to all who were involved with everything that has happened in my life.”  

You could involve the children in your ministry in a project to raise money for the Children's Heart Project . . . have a day focused on love . . . teach children about God's love for them and how they show God's love by sharing it with others. Then involve the children in creating a variety of "heart crafts" (check this link for lots of ideas for heart crafts) then have an "auction" where parents, grandparents and people in your church/community can come and "bid" for the artwork. Donate the proceeds to the Children's Heart Project! Oh, and be sure to serve heart cookies, cakes, cupcakes . . . you get the idea!

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