Sunday, February 26, 2012

Resource for Parents . . . Character Matters - Generosity

I'm delighted to share another resource with you which you could use with the parents in your ministry . . . Character Health! As they say on their website, "Character health is what Christlikeness looks like in practice! Stated simply, character health is the balance which characterizes Christlike believers as they consistently elevate virtues above feelings when faced with a moral dilemma. Character healthy people put God's Word first. Character health (Christlikeness) should be what we are seeking when we look for happiness or satisfaction. The reason most of us do not live character healthy lives is because we are taught to approach character as a means to an end, rather than a Biblically and morally satisfying end in itself."

They have resources for Character Matters and Parenting Matters - which we will look at in the coming week. Today I want to share a short clip with Steve Scheiber talking about Generosity . . . 

We want our children - and adults - to be people who are generous! People who love to share and who care about helping others. If we equip our parents so they are able to teach their children to be generous people, they will also be equipping their children to be Christlike!

Character Health offers a free daily e-newsletter which shares a "Character Health quality of the day" . . . all they have too do is follow this link to sign up!

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