Monday, February 6, 2012

VBS 2012 - Zapped from Orange!

Zapped Summer XP from OrangeI'm happy to post my final review for VBS 2012 reviews  . . . Zapped from Orange!  They did a great job with the content and substance of this VBS resource and they provide a lot of options for you. Take a look and consider if Zapped is a good "fit" for your children's ministry!


  1. Calling of Peter - Luke 5:1-11- Zapped - plugging into God's power helps me see and do what I should - God wants to do something with me which is bigger than just me
  2. Peter walks on water - Matthew 14:22-34 – I have to keep depending on God’s power in my life
  3. Peter is the rock - Matthew 16:13-28 - What is important to Jesus should be important to me
  4. Peter's denial and restoration - Mark 14:66-72; Luke 22:54-62 - When things get hard, don't forget what you know
  5. Peter and Cornelius - Acts 10 - God wants to use me to show others the power of His forgiveness
Setting – the setting/theme for this VBS revolves around “power” – so, lightening bolts, light bulbs, bright colors, etc are great for setting the theme. (Preschool setting involves lightening bugs and a wooded area)
Message – Kids will see what it means to be “zapped by God’s love. When we are zapped it changes the way we think, the way we treat others, the choices we make.”
Focus - Application and Bible Content

Strengths –
  • As I would expect, Zapped has a strong focus, content and application
  • I especially love the science projects in the small group time! Great way to get kids – particularly older elementary boys – to pay attention and connect what they are learning with their everyday life
  • I love the Parent CUE cards – great resource to send home with kids each day
  • Strong focus on small groups
  • Strong content to help children who know Jesus grow in their walk with Him
  • I love the Faith Skills center – excellent!
  • Crafts are affordable and made from everyday items or from kits available through Oriental Trading
Would like to see –
  • Bible lessons which engage the kids and involve them in the telling of the lesson – the content is solid, but it needs to be presented in a more engaging manner so children experience the lessons, can remember them, understand them and live them for changed lives. (Like the day 2 lesson)
  • A clear emphasis on a daily “live-it” activity and time the following day for children to share what they did and how it impacted their life to live what they learned!
  • More information for the director . . . volunteer safety info, building/grounds safety, screening volunteers and more info on follow up
  • Information to help churches know how to engage children with special needs
  • A scope and sequence which is unified with the preschool children – if you use this for VBS, I’d recommend adapting the elementary lessons so the preschoolers learn the same thing as their older siblings – use the preschool materials for eight weeks on Sundays in the Summer
  • Opportunities for kids to be involved serving their local communities
  • More enthusiasm in the open/closing – object lessons, science projects, stunts – something to capture the kid’s attention and get them thinking!
  • A credit for three song downloads (five for preschool songs) is included with the Zapped curriculum, but you will need to purchase additional music – or find your own music – I’d like to see all songs included with the materials.
If you are looking for a resource you can use with Christian children to help them grow in their walk with Jesus, Zapped could be a great “fit” for you. However; Zapped does not have an evangelism focus, so if you want one, you’ll have to add it to the lessons – it would be easy enough to do. Zapped provides eight lessons, so you could use it on Sunday mornings in the summer for eight weeks. Orange says, “The Summer Series is an eight-week series designed to give you a great Sunday morning experience for your kids with a limited number of volunteers. The VBS version is a five-day event with the option of using videos or performing the Drama and Storyteller segments live.” Zapped is all about options – and is worth taking a look at it to see if it will “fit” your ministry!


  1. Thanks for the VBS reviews. How would you describe the quality of the videos? Is it somehting most kids could get into for five days straight for the opening program?
    Thanks, Ron

  2. Ron, the quality is very well done - I would not use the Bible lesson videos though - they are too long and too much like the kids being preached at - they are actually kinda boring . . . I even found it hard to pay attention so I think kid's minds would wander and they would be "lost" pretty quickly. I'd rather see the kids involved in dramas and having a part in the teaching of the Bible lessons.