Friday, March 16, 2012

Let's Plan a Volunteer Recruitment Month! - "Meant to Be" Theme!

As I've said many times, I believe volunteers are a gift from the hand of God . . . a treasure, so when it comes to recruiting, we are actually on a "treasure hunt"! God created the volunteers we need and placed them in our churches - some of them know who they are and are serving . . . and aren't you so very thankful for them! Others do not realize yet, they are the treasure God has given to your church, but as you present your volunteer needs, they will come to realize this and you will find in them some of the "hidden" treasure you're looking for!

I love this song by Steven Curtis Chapman - yes, it is from a VeggieTales dvd - "It's a Meaningful Life" and the message is one of how each child is "meant to be" making the world so much more than it ever would be without them. However; I believe this song - and it's message - would work very nicely to build a theme for a month of recruiting because the volunteers are "meant to be" and were made by God to "touch the lives that they touch"!

Meant To Be - By Steven Curtis Chapman    
Video hints – 
  •  for the first verse show volunteers. 
  • During the chorus show your volunteers working with the kids 
  • for each of the remaining verses show video of people in your church - people who might be volunteers!
Recruiting Plan – begin four weeks before the actual start of your recruiting month with the following “teasers” covered with "fingerprints" and with paper "fingerprints" hanging all over your church . . . put them on the mirrors in the bathrooms, doors, walls, on the floor, steps . . . anywhere you can think to hang them -
  •  Week one – “Every Step That You’ve Taken, Every Move That You Make Is Part Of His Plan! 
  • Week two – “For every breath that your taking And every move that you make It’s a meaningful life you’ve been given, Live it well!"
  • Week three – “You Were Meant To Be Touching The Lives That You Touch And Meant To Be Here Making This World So Much More Than It Would Be Without You In It!" 
  • Week four/Week one of the recruiting month - "You Are Perfectly, Wonderfully, Beautifully Meant To Be!
 Recruiting Month – 
  • Week one - show the video and hand out badges with "fingerprints" on it for volunteers, staff and elders to wear saying, “You Are Perfectly, Wonderfully, Beautifully Meant To Be!
  •  Week two –  ask the Senior Pastor to speak briefly about the reason we do what we do and challenge people to consider what their lives and church and community would be like without the volunteers who serve in the children's ministry, be sure everyone continues to wear their badges and have extras ready for people who volunteer.
  •  Week three –  arrange for two volunteers to share their testimony as to why they do what they dobe sure everyone continues to wear their badges and have extras ready for people who volunteer.
  • Week four - ask a few children to share how a volunteer made a difference in their life, be sure everyone continues to wear their badges and have extras ready for people who volunteer.
 Each week include flyers in the bulletin and up-date your sign as to how many volunteer positions remain to be filled.

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