Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Please Check Kidmin1124 - My New Post - #3 Essential for Volunteers . . .

I've been posting on Kidmin1124 about the five essentials for your volunteers . . .  #5 - give them resources, #4 - provide training and today, #3 . . . thank and encourage them! I write, "Your church and my church have each been gifted with volunteers who faithfully serve in the various areas of our ministries. While these people certainly do not serve for our thanks, it absolutely is appropriate to take the time to thank them! I have always enjoyed the ministry of appreciation – what could possibly be more fun than taking the time to thank and encourage those who serve as volunteers in our churches? There are many ways to thank your volunteers" and then I share two things to keep in mind as you plan a ministry of thanking and appreciating your volunteers and give you nine ideas to say "thank you"!

Please take a moment to check this post . . . next week I'll have my #2 essential thing you can give your volunteers . . . a listening ear!

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