Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Please Check My New Post on Kidmin1124 - 5 Essentials for Your Volunteers . . . #2 a Listening Ear!

On Kidmin 1124 I’ve been writing about the Top 5 Essentials we need to provide for our Volunteers . . . #5 – resources, #4 – training and #3 – thank and encourage our volunteers. Last week I said, “When someone volunteers to give of themselves and their time to serve in your children’s ministry, they are giving something truly precious. When you thank and encourage them you are showing you understand the value of what they offer, you sincerely appreciate what they offer and most importantly, you sincerely appreciate them!” and then I gave a couple things to keep in mind and nine ideas for thanking your volunteers! In my new post I’m going to look at #2 – give your volunteers a listening ear! Check this link for the full post!

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