Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Please Check Out, Like and Share grandma's cookie jar . . .

Along with writing About the Children's Department, I also write another blog, grandma's cookie jar, which's goal is; "just as grandma's cookie jar should always be full of good things, this blog will be full of good ideas, information, activities and reviews of things to help grandma . . . and grandpa, mom and dad too . . . pass on a heritage of faith to the children in their lives!" 

So, if you are a grandma, grandpa, mom or dad, grandma's cookie jar is a place where you will find book, movie and music reviews from the perspective of the content of these types of media and how you can have conversations with the children in your life about God based on the messages in the books, movies and music. You'll also find recipes - and conversations you can have with the children in your life to help them connect everyday things like cooking with the wonder of God's love and creation! In addition, you'll find crafts complete with ideas of how children can use their abilities to serve others and brighten the day of people who need to know someone cares! I have a LOT of give-aways on grandma's cookie jar - I'm currently giving away an American Girl Doll and a fun cookie cutter and just gave away a book and printed Duck Tape!

I share the joy of being a grandma and encourage grandparents - and parents - to be intentional about passing on a heritage of faith to the children in their lives! So . . . please check grandma's cookie jar out! Please "like" it and please "share" it with the people you know! It is a great resource for the parents and grandparents in your ministry!

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