Saturday, April 28, 2012

2012 Best Buys Curriculum Side-By-Side Comparison Chart

For the past month I've been reviewing Sunday school curriculum and have posted a number of reviews along with side-by-side comparison charts. This past week I focused my reviews on those resources which are most affordable, making them my "best buys". Today I'm posting my third side-by-side comparison chart of the curriculum "Best Buys"; these are the curriculum resources which are Biblically sound and offer excellent "tools" to help you engage children so they remember, understand and live God's word and are affordable. With the economy as it is churches are likely to experience even tighter budgets so while cost isn't the most important feature when choosing a curriculum, it most certainly is a feature which matters. I know there are those who believe, "you get what you pay for" and if a curriculum is more expensive, it is better. I disagree. Just because something is expensive it doesn't mean it is better. I once had someone from a big publisher tell me, "If a church really cares about the children in their ministry, they will be willing to pay whatever they have to in order to have the best curriculum available." I disagree with this as well.

I'm happy to say there are many truly excellent curriculum resources available which are affordable! Take some time to look over my comparison chart and read the reviews. You are likely to find some resources which could be great "fits" for your ministry - and are easy on the church budget as well! Know your vision, purpose and mission and look for the curriculum which will best "fit" your ministry. Keep in mind, unless you write your own curriculum you will likely have to "tweek" whichever curriculum you select to help it better "fit" your ministry, but be assured, you will find the resources I reviewed to be Biblically sound and they have many, if not most, of the features/"tools" I look for in a curriculum.

I hope you find my reviews and charts helpful as you look for your best curriculum "fit"! 

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