Monday, April 9, 2012

Curriculum Review - Large Group/Small Group - What's In The Bible - Church Edition!

What’s In The Bible
Today I'm reviewing a DVD Large Group/Small Group curriculum resource. We are all familiar with, and love, Phil Vischer's work on VeggieTales; so when I heard about this new curriculum from Phil and his writers Lori Bethran and Amy Dolan I wanted to include it in my curriculum reviews! What's In The Bible is a DVD based curriculum which is designed to take children on a journey through the Bible to find out "what is in the Bible".  Allow me to share with you some information about What's In The Bible - Church Edition Curriculum!
  • Publisher - Jellyfish Labs   
  • Website -
  • Price - $80 for one DVD with four complete lessons
  • Scope - Through the Bible-Biblical Literacy
  • Available for Elementary age children
Strengths -
  • Biblically Sound
  • Print materials are reproducible 
  • Scope is built around repetition with the goal of helping children remember and understand what is in the Bible
  • Parent materials are included so they are able to continue the learning at home throughout the week
  • Colorful graphics
  • Very easy to use
  • Walks children through the Bible in an understandable and memorable way.
  • Fun, engaging videos with characters kids will enjoy and remember.
Would like to see - 
  • More affordable pricing - while I appreciate the quality of the dvds, $80 for four lessons seems a bit high.
  • Weekly - "live-it" activities to help children take what they learn out the doors of the church and live it in their everyday lives every day
  • Quarterly service projects to "Put Feet to Their Faith"
  • Teacher devotions
  • Engagement of the children in the teaching of the Bible lesson - I realize this is a dvd curriculum, but would like to see at least a portion of the lesson where the children are engaged intentionally in the teaching of the lesson - with dramas or other creative methods.
  • More options - there are a variety of activities in each lesson, but options which allow churches to select the activity which best "fits" their ministry would be an excellent addition.
What's In The Bible - Church Edition is written with the goal of intentionally engaging children so they are able to remember, understand and live God's Word for genuinely changed lives. If you are looking for a video/dvd based curriculum, this curriculum is well worth taking a look at to see if it may be a good "fit" for your ministry! What's In The Bible says, "We’re excited that this curriculum will encourage Biblical literacy in a new generation of Christians, and will provide a great format for children’s ministry leaders to implement. What’s in the Bible? is a Biblical literacy curriculum that seeks to help children know the stories of the Bible, and how those stories were formed."

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