Friday, April 27, 2012

Please Check CM Buzz for Part 2 in My Series on Prayer

Please check CM Buzz for part two in my series, Prayer . . . a Wide Road and a Narrow Road Approach in Kidmin. I said, "Last week I wrote about the “wide road approach” to prayer and said, “When it comes to our children’s ministries, we all know we need to pray, but there is a ‘wide road approach’ which leads to a shallow walk and a ‘narrow road approach’ which leads us to a deeper walk with God.” and shared a few “warning signs” to watch for. This week I want to look at the “narrow road approach” and share a few “mile markers” to help us keep “on track” as we think about prayer." 

Next week I’ll consider a few ways you can help the children in your ministry develop this type of prayer.

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