Friday, May 18, 2012

Safe Nurseries + Safe Equipment = Welcoming & Effective Ministry - Nursery Curriculum Review - Lil' Sprouts Club from Regular Baptist Press!

Lil' Sprouts Club Nursery CurriculumWe all know we need to identify and utilize effective curriculum with the children in our ministries . . . but usually we begin actual "classes" for children when they are two or three years old. In most instances, our nursery is really "child care" - after all, the nursery is for babies and how can we "teach" them? Granted, "teaching" in the nursery doesn't look the same as it does when we teach older children - even preschoolers, but we certainly are able to teach our littlest ones about Jesus and I'm happy to say there are some excellent nursery resources available for you to use!

Lil' Sprouts Club
Publisher - Regular Baptist Press 
Website -  
Cost - $89.99

Strengths -

  1. Biblically sound
  2. Reproducible director's guide - complete information covering every aspect of nursery ministry - recruiting, screening and training volunteers, health, safety, rooms, supplies, ministering to parents, forms, how to teach nursery children and how to reach out to parents of babies in your community and church.
  3. Reproducible teacher's guide - twelve complete lessons - one theme for each month and activities for babies and toddlers.
  4. Teaches by repetition.
  5. Creative and engaging simple activities for the littlest ones in your ministry!
  6. Info on special needs babies - excellent!
  7. Specific resources and plan to reach out to parents of babies in your community!
Would like to see - 
  1. Reproducible pages for parents with info on the development of their child at each age and how to continue the learning at home.
I love this resource and highly recommend it for all churches - regardless of if your church is Baptist or not! Regular Baptist Press says, "Nursery Bible curriculum (1) helps you make the most of a critical learning window, (2) provides an example for parents, and (3) helps the nursery staff focus on ministry. There is never a time when a child is not learning. God expects parents to take advantage of daily opportunities to teach their children about Him. As you use this curriculum you are showing parents you take teaching their children spiritual truths seriously. This will encourage parents to take it seriously, too." Definitely check Lil' Sprouts Club out to see if it might be a great "fit" for your church and ministry!

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