Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Why Should Parents Care About the Children's Ministry?

This seems like a question with an obvious answer . . . because they have children who are in the children's ministry. But, along with the reasons the senior pastor, elders and youth pastor should care about the children's ministry, consider the following reasons as well . . .

  • yes, because they have children in the children's ministry
  • because as parents we want our children to hear the same messages we are teaching them from other adults who have influence in their lives
  • because parents want them to have friends who hear the same messages - friends who can provide a positive peer pressure/influence
  • because parents want their children to want to go to church, so it matters if the children's ministry is a place where children want to be
There are many reasons a parent may choose to go to a particular church - doctrinal teaching, preaching, music, small groups, fellowship - just to mention a few. But, the most important reason to choose a church if you have children is because they have a children's ministry which is focused and effective. There is nothing more important than seeing our children grow to love God and choose to know and walk with Him all their lives. While the parents are primarily responsible to teach and model to their children what it means to know and walk with God, it does really matter if their church is one where the parents are supported and equipped and where their children are engaged and provided opportunities to grow in their walk with God.  

The children's ministry matters. It needs to matter to the senior pastor, elders, youth pastor and parents. It needs to matter to everyone!

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