Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Angels Were Celebrating Yesterday! (So Was This grandma!)

Oh yes! Yesterday there was some serious celebrating going on in Heaven because yesterday my dear, sweet grandson, Josiah, "became part of God's family!" There are phone calls which you receive in your lifetime which stand out in your memory as calls you'll never forget . . . well, this call from Josiah is one I'll never forget! He said, "Grandma, I'm part of God's family, now!" The words I wanted to hear! The most important words he will ever tell me for sure!

So . . . beyond sharing this amazing news with you all, why am I writing about this? Well, it reminded me how important it is for us in children's ministry to equip parents so they are able to be watching for the opportunity to share Jesus with their children. My daughter-in-law was having a conversation with Josiah which led to the opportunity for her to lead her son to Jesus! 

What do you do in your ministry to equip parents so they are able to at least be there for this important decision in their child's life? Consider the following . . . 
  • What do you do to equip parents so they will be able to watch for and have conversations with their children at home which provide the opportunity for parents to be the ones who lead their children to Jesus? Do you provide resources for them to use at home? Do you help them know how to connect conversations they have to giving their child an opportunity to respond?
  • Do you train your volunteers so if a child responds at church the volunteer knows to send for the parents so they can be there for this most important decision?
This grandma has a very happy heart! I'm so thankful my sweet Josiah is part of "God's family now!" I do not think it is possible for the angels in Heaven to celebrate more than this grandma, but regardless, you can be sure there was a lot of celebrating going on yesterday! :^) How do you equip and involve the parents in your church so they - and grandparents, too - are able to celebrate when their child becomes part of "God's family"?!

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