Saturday, June 9, 2012

Children's Church Curriculum - Comparison Chart

For the past week I've been reviewing Children's Church Curriculum so today I'm releasing my Children's Church Side-by-Side Comparison Chart to help you as you evaluate curriculum resources. Remember, if you are going to find your best curriculum "fit" you need to know your vision and purpose for your children's ministry so you are able to identify what it is you want the children in your ministry to learn. Don't select a curriculum for any of the following reasons -
  • You have heard other churches use it
  • It is the curriculum all the "big" churches use
  • The publisher has great advertising
  • You saw it at a conference
  • You have a volunteer who used it at a different church
Make your selection based on the following reasons -
  • The scope and sequence matches with the things you want the children in your ministry to understand and learn to live in their every day lives
  • The curriculum provides the "tools" your volunteers need so they will be able to engage the children in the lessons
  • You are able to see genuine life change in the children in your ministry
All the curriculum lines I reviewed are Biblically solid. They all use the Bible each and every week with the children and they all focus on teaching God's Word so children will be able to understand it and know how to live it in their everyday lives. This is THE most important thing!

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