Friday, June 15, 2012

Focus for June . . . Depend on and Trust God to Heal Your Hurts

Photo: True. Like and Share!As I wrote about last week, I'm focusing this month on Depending on and Trusting God. As I said, "We can not give to others what we do not have for ourselves. If we are not growing spiritually, we will not be equipped to help our volunteers grow spiritually. If they are not growing spiritually, how can we expect the children in our ministries to grow? Sometimes it is easy - too easy - to focus on the "things" we need to do and lose sight of the thing we really need to be focused on . . . knowing and walking with Jesus." I posted a personalized Scripture prayer from Psalm 86 for us to focus on this month which encourages us to depend on and trust God. 

So . . . what are some of the things which we need to depend on and trust God for? Well, we each have to answer this in regards to our personal lives as we are all facing and dealing with our own unique situations, so let's think today about depending on and trusting God to heal us from past hurts. We all have been disappointed and hurt by others at one time or another; unfortunately it is part of living in our broken world. But, when this hurt comes from others in the church, the disappointment and pain can be deeper. I have been disappointed and hurt by others in the church; people who I never expected would do what they did. I think this is one reason the disappointment and pain can be so much more intense. While reestablishing a relationship or trust may take considerable time, we do however; have to be people who forgive and fortunately, our God is One Who is able to give us the strength and grace we need to forgive those who betray us. If we do not, the bitterness which will take root will destroy our ability to serve effectively and this is a price which is too high to pay.

As you focus this month on depending on and trusting God, remember, you can trust Him to help you heal from past hurts. Focus on God and know as you pray, "You are my God and I need You to protect and save me. As I go through this day, please help me remember to live as Your faithful servant and to trust You", God will answer this prayer - for you!

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