Thursday, June 21, 2012

Sneak Peek VBS 2013 - The Fringe Files of the Bible - NextGen4Christ

I'm happy to share with you the 2013 VBS from a new company to the world of VBS resources . . . NextGen4Christ. Their theme for 2013, the Fringe Files of the Bible, is unique and looks like it is one which will have kids talking about the new things they discover about God and His Word as they "Investigate the Impossible"! NextGen4Christ says, "Every day, we encourage kids to ask 'Who', 'What', 'Where', and 'Why' to discover the truth in the Bible. We also want kids to learn to ask 'How should it change my life?' and discover patterns in the Bible stories. The pattern in all of our Fringe Files stories is 'God Saves'." Let's take a look at their scope and sequence . . . 

Day 1- The Faith File: Who Built a Big Boat

Noah has faith big enough to build a boat and God saves his family and the animals.

Day 2- The Obedience File: What Fell to Trumpets

Joshua obeys some unusual instructions to take down a wall and God saves the Israelites.

Day 3- The Courage File: Where Fire Didn’t Burn

Three friends stand up for what they believe in and God saves them from the furnace.

Day 4- The Love File: Why a King would Die for Us

Jesus loves us so much that He gave His life on the cross to save us from evil.

Day 5- The Change File: How a Man Changed his Name

Paul is changed by a weird encounter with Jesus on a road that helps him save others for Jesus!

NextGen4Christ says kids will be involved in hands-on science projects and activities to help them, "Investigate the Impossible"! I'm looking forward to the opportunity to see the full resource, so please check back in January when I post my review!


  1. Have you been able to further review this material?

    1. They decided not to release this one this year - maybe next year. They did a castle theme vbs this year instead.