Thursday, June 21, 2012

Surf's Up! Children's Ministry Resources Around the Web . . . Kidology and Kidologist!

Kidology logo
Today I'm taking a look at another well-known must-follow website and blog . . . Kidology and Kidologist. Both of these sites are written, designed and developed by Karl Bastian. So what is Kidology? According to their website, "Kidology is a non-profit organization which exists to equip and encourage those who minister to children. Our primary ministry is, a website where each day over 20,000 children's ministry leaders and volunteers find help, ideas, training, and resources which enables them to most effectively reach and teach kids." When I say there are a wealth of resources on this one website, I am absolutely not overstating it! If you are looking for   object lessons, games, puppet scripts, articles, reviews, creative PowerPoint tools, magic tricks, and much more you will absolutely find them here! If you are looking for children's ministry resources to buy - or sell - you can do it on Kidology! There are surveys, conference info, job postings and so much more. Take some time to check out Kidology - you will be so glad you did! When Karl Bastian says the goal of Kidology is to equip and encourage those who minister to children . . . he is absolutely right!

Kidologist is, as Karl says, " the personal site of Karl Bastian. Sometimes fun, sometimes serious, always what's on my mind." This is Karl's blog and it should absolutely be one of the sites you take time to read each day. Check this post, " I Was a Corporate Spy. Really!" and you'll be "hooked" on reading Karl's blog everyday!" You'll also find information on how to contact karl as well as archived posts and a blogroll of some sites worth checking out. Check and you'll be glad you did! Thank you Karl for providing these resources . . . they are sure to make a huge difference as they equip and encourage children's ministry people around the world!

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