Saturday, June 23, 2012

Surf's Up! Children's Ministry Resources Around the Web . . . Lemon Lime Kids and Lori Bethran!

I've been posting all week about websites and blogs for you to consider making part of your daily-must-read-list and invite you to consider two more . . . Lemon Lime Kids and Lori Bethran!

Amy Dolan is the founder and leader of Lemon Lime Kids . . . she has served in children's ministry in many places, including Willow Creek/Promiseland. "Lemon Lime Kids began with a deep-rooted passion to see God do a fresh work in the lives of children. If the statistics are true that the church is losing children, then we must begin a brand new conversation so that children are spiritually formed for a lifetime.  This blog exists to be the beginning of that conversation – fresh ideas for tweaking our curriculum and our methods of teaching children in the church, thoughts on how culture and media are affecting our children’s faith, new ideas towards modeling faith for children, and strategic ways to improve our leadership in the church." Lemon Lime Kids has an archive of past posts, a blog-roll, a tab making it easier to find top posts and information on having Amy speak and/or consult for your ministry. Thank you Amy for providing a blog with a specific focus - leadership and resources to help us know how to more effectively and intentionally reach children!

Lori served with " Willow Creek Community Church, Children’s Ministry Team at a time when the Promiseland model was about to revolutionize children’s ministry around the world. Over the last 6 years Lori's passion to support families and churches in the spiritual development of their kids has led her to join forces and develop resources with some amazing churches, educators, and organizations; including Kidmo, CMconnect, What's in the Bible?, Jelly Telly, Orbit Media, Jenifer Fox, Inc, Creative Trust, Lemon Lime Kids, Strong Families, Awana Clubs International, Church Communication Network (CCN) and INCM." Lori's blog has a category listing for posts to make them easier to find. Lori's posts will help you better understand curriculum and how to get the most out of it! Thank you Lori!

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