Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Surf's Up! Children's Ministry Resources Around the Web . . . Ministry Stuff!

Ministry Stuffministrystuff is written by Jonathan Barnard and Nathan Headley and they have a unique perspective on ministry - which is reflected in their blog. They have been, "together at The Rock in Castle Rock where a strong and close friendship was birthed. They found out power comes when working together in Kids and Youth ministry. So many times the youth and kid's ministries are in competition with one another, but Jonathan and Nathan both have a passion to put the competition between ministries to rest and to harness the power which comes when we work together to raise up the next generation to be passionate followers of Christ."

Imagine such a thing . . . children's ministry and youth ministry working together to "raise up the next generation to be passionate followers of Christ!" I love this perspective! I believe the youth minister needs to care very much about what happens in the children's ministry because the kids who enter his youth ministry will go through the children's ministry first. If the youth isn't going to be a "salvage ministry" then the children's ministry needs to be "on track" and effective at introducing children to Jesus and teaching them how to know and walk with Him! Can you imagine what a youth ministry could be like and do if the children entering the youth ministry knew and walked with Jesus?!!! And the children's minister needs to really care what the youth ministry is like . . . after all, the children they have worked with and prayed for won't stay in the children's ministry forever. The youth ministry is the next step on a child's journey so it should really matter to children's ministers if the youth ministry is "on track"!

This blog is a great site to help you keep your focus and give you information, ideas and resources to help you work together in kids and youth ministry! Thank you Jonahtan and Nathan for providing this great resource!

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