Monday, June 25, 2012

Surf's Up! Children's Ministry Resources Around the Web . . . and Manners Mentor Blog!

header imageI've shared a number of wonderful websites and blogs with you where you will find excellent information, ideas and resources for children's ministry . . . I'd like to add a couple more for you to check out . . . and Maralee McKee manners mentor blog!

jonathancliff.comJonathan Cliff is the Next Generations Pastor at Trinity Church in Lubbock, Texas. Jonahtan says he is a, "huge advocate for the family and believers the family is God's primary way of reaching the world." He says his blog is a, "collection of family, church, culture and technology musings from someone who isn't really important enough for his thoughts to matter." You'll find thought provoking posts along with some which will purely make you smile, a blog-roll and archive of past posts, so I have to say, Jonathan, thank you for sharing your thoughts - they are important enough to matter!:^)

You might wonder why I'd recommend a blog about manners as a place for people in children's ministry to check out . . . well, there are several reasons I think it is a great stop to make on your must-read-blog-list! First of all, if you are in children's' ministry, then you work with people . . . young people, old people and everyone in between and it is always important to treat others with respect. This is what manners are all about! As Maralee says, "Manners have very little to do with which fork to use and nothing to do with how expensive one's home, car or clothes are. Good manners are about remembering we're each sharing this train ride of life with others and the way we interact and respond to them speaks to the very heart of who we are." If we know and use good manners with others then we can model this to the children we serve! Take some time to check Maralee's blog out - you will find tips you can use in your everyday life! Thank you Maralee for reminding us about the simple ways we can show good manners in all we do!

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