Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Surf's Up! Children's Ministry Resources Around the Web . . . CM Buzz!

I've been highlighting websites and blogs well worth checking out with the goal of adding to your daily-must-read-list. Today I want to encourage you to check CM Buzz! CM Buzz stands for Creative Ministry Buzz . . . and is the work of Keith Tusing . . . "he is the Family Ministries Pastor with 20+ years of experience serving churches in Texas and Arizona. His passion is to see Children's and Family Ministries which encourage leaders to partner with parents in developing the next generation." Keith says, "CM Buzz is a blog dedicated to sharing insights and ideas to encourage creative ministry to children, teens and families." 

You'll find a variety of resources on CM Buzz - of course blog posts well worth reading and section called, "CM Blitz" where you'll find links to a number of blogs as well as a feed from CM Connect and a whole lot more! The section called "Tools" provides links to free sites where you can chat, animate your photos, build and manage email lists, remember special days and so very much more! Under the tab called, "Rewards" you will find, "the CM Buzz Rewards Catalog. Our Rewards Program is one way we would like to say THANK YOU for being a Loyal Reader and Contributor to CM Buzz. Our goal has always been to share ministry insights and help you connect to others who are engaged in reaching the Next Generation. With that in mind we would also like to say Thank You in a tangible way for your being a part of the CM Buzz Family."

You'll also find information on Conferences, Podcasts and info on the Writers - of which I am one!

There is a true wealth of resources for you to explore and learn from on CM Buzz - be sure to check it out! Thank you Keith for this resource as it will help us all be better and more effective at what we do!

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