Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Surf's Up! Children's Ministry Resources Around the Web . . . Making Room!

As you think about which websites and blogs you want to make a part of your daily reading, definitely take a look at Making Room! As they say, "'Making room' is one of the signs of true Christian community.  It is not only to open one's door and one's church to someone.  It is to make room in one's heart.  Making room for each person to be and to grow;  where each person knows he or she is accepted just as they are, with their gifts and their faults."

Mike Woods writes this blog; he "works for the largest school district in St. Louis as an Autism and Inclusion Specialist and is a Board Certified Associate Behavior Analyst. Prior to joining Rockwood, he served as a Master Training Specialist for the Judevine Center for Autism and as an Early Interventionist for the Missouri First Steps Program.  Mike is the father of three wonderful boys, all three of whom are on the autism spectrum."

Making Room is, as Mike says, "dedicated to helping make all communities of faith a place of welcome for those families who have a child with a disability. People with intellectual disabilities are just like you and I---they have unique personalities, and a wide range of physical, emotional, and intellectual characteristics...and they respond to the love of God. Check out this website from time to time to discover the strategies for 'making room' for those with autism and other disabilities into your life and your community of faith." Thank you Mike for challenging us to "make room" and for helping us to do so!

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