Monday, June 25, 2012

What is Your Focus? Remember!

As I wrote about last week, I'm focusing this month on Depending on and Trusting GodI said I would, "post about the monthly focus and encourage us all to keep our focus on growing in our own walk with Jesus and then gave you a Scripture passage and prayer to think about and make your own - "Psalm 86:1-5 'Please listen, Lord, and answer my prayer! I am poor and helpless. Protect me and save me because you are my God. I am your faithful servant, and I trust you. Be kind to me! I pray to you all day. Make my heart glad! I serve you, and my prayer is sincere. You willingly forgive, and your love is always there for those who pray to you.'

As you go finish this month, please continue to make this your prayer . . . 'Dear Lord, please listen to and answer my prayer because You are my God and I need You to protect and save me. As I go through this day, please help me remember to live as Your faithful servant and to trust You. Please be kind to me and make my heart glad and I will pray to You all day and serve You! I thank and praise You for how You so willingly forgive me and find comfort and strength in knowing Your love is always there for those who pray to You . . . I will be one of those who pray to You! Thank You, Amen!'"

So . . . this last week of June, let's take time to "remember"! What do we need to remember? Well, consider the following . . . 
  • remember God's great faithfulness to us! He, "listens and answers our prayers!" He "Protects and saves us!"
  • remember to be faithful to Him!
  • remember to trust God!
  • remember to turn to Him throughout your day!
  • remember to pay attention to how God shows His great kindness to us!
  • remember to notice how God makes us glad!
  • remember to thank and praise God for His great mercy in forgiving us!
  • remember how He comforts and strengthens us!
  • remember His great love!
There is so much to remember! If our focus is on "remembering", this will make a tremendous impact on everything else in our week, so "remember"!

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