Friday, July 20, 2012

A Danger to Beware Of . . .

I'm all for striving for excellence in ministry. We want our children's and family ministries to be excellent, but as we strive for this "excellence" there is something we have to beware of. Something which can cause great damage. This "something" is our own ego.

Have you ever heard a church leader say they do not want someone else to do something in the ministry unless they can prove they can do it as well - or better - than they can? This is ego talking. It certainly is not the Spirit of God talking. This kind of "ego" often leads to "hogging" ministry to yourself or micro-managing and both of these things lead to discouragement and pain among those who God sent to serve in your ministry.

Yes, we want our ministries to be excellent, but we need to know they will not be perfect. They can not be perfect because we are not perfect. Consider the following-
  • While there may be times when you can do something better than a potential volunteer, God does not intend for you to be the one who does everything - the one who "saves" the ministry.
  • God has sent volunteers to your church and they really need to serve. 
  • Children's ministry is not the place for "pedestals" - do not allow yourself to be put on one . . . and do NOT put yourself on one either.
You were not born knowing how to do things "right"; you had to learn at one time, too, so while you may know more and while you might do a better job than someone else, the church is a body and all parts are needed. If you refuse to allow others to serve because you think you can do things better, you are harming the body. So, how can you avoid this? Consider the following -
  • Instead of pushing a volunteer aside so you can do things "right", consider mentoring volunteers or teaming them up with someone who does know how to do things so the volunteer can learn alongside someone who knows what to do.
  • Provide on-going training so your volunteers are equipped to do things in an excellent and effective manner
  • When a mistake is made, work together to resolve it and then move forward.
Be watching for and beware of ego in your children's ministry!

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