Tuesday, July 3, 2012

I Need Help Finding Volunteers!

You may not know it, but in addition to writing About the Children's Department, I also write a blog for grandmas - and grandpas and moms and dads! grandma's cookie jar is a place where I review books, movies, music, provide craft ideas, recipes, have great give-aways and so much more! The vision for grandma's cookie jar is, "just as grandma's cookie jar should always be full of good things, this blog will be full of good ideas, information, activities and reviews of things to help grandma . . . and grandpa, mom and dad too . . . pass on a heritage of faith to the children in their lives!" 

One of the things I'm working on for this summer is a "Children's Museum Tour". I love children's museums - they are places where children are able to touch, explore, experience and be engaged in so many wonderful opportunities to learn about the world around them! So, I've contacted children's museums around the country and arranged for free passes so I can send volunteers to visit the museum, then they will tell me what they - and their grandchildren/child - enjoyed the most. During the month of August I'll be posting about these children's museums and giving away more tickets! It wiill be fun!

But, I need volunteers to visit children's museums. If you, or someone from your church, might be willing to volunteer to visit any of the children's museums listed below, please message me at lyndafreemanatcd@gmail.com so I can get the passes to you. Check this link for the details and I most sincerely appreciate your help!
  • Erie, PA - expERIEnce children's museum
  • Bettendorf, IA - Family Museum
  • Passadena, CA - kidspace children's museum
  • Rancho Cordova, CA - Sacramento Children's Museum
  • Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - Children's Museum
  • Annapolis, MD - Chesapeake Children's Museum
  • Houston, TX - Children's Museum
  • Oakland, CA - Chabot Space & Science Center
  • Pueblo, CO - Sangre de Cristo Buell Children's Museum
  • Denver, CO - Children's Museum
  • Normal, IL - Children's Discovery Museum
  • Philadelphia, PA - Please Touch Museum
  • Steven's Point, WI - Central Wisconsin Children's Museum

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