Thursday, July 12, 2012

Some Questions to Consider - How Do I Build On the Momentum Any Event Provides?

We all have various "events" in our children's ministry throughout the year. Some of us make use of VBS, camp, sports events, family events, holidayevents and other opportunities, but we all plan for at least one event in our calendar year. I'm all for events . . . and more than one in a year . . . but, if we are only providing these events to provide an event . . . we have wasted an opportunity. 

Events provide us the opportunity to -
  • connect with people from our community
  • connect with children from our ministry
  • connect with parents
  • connect with volunteers
  • raise the children's ministry in the attention of the church
These are all wonderful opportunities and all excellent reasons to invest our time, money and staff in presenting an event, but if we do not follow up on the momentum these connections provide us, then we have truly wasted an opportunity. So, what can you do to build on the momentum your events provide for you? Consider these possibilities -
  • develop a "family-follow-up team" comprised of families who have been trained to follow up with children and families from the community who attend any of your events. If a family makes contact with a community family - children connecting with children and parents with parents - you are much more likely to see the new family return to your church!
  • be very intentional in the opportunities you provide. Plan events which appeal to children and families - events which can be offered on a regular basis so on a regular basis families from your community have the opportunity to return and connect once again with your church.
Events where we make contact with our community provide a level of momentum . . . commit to building on this momentum . . . especially as your summer ministry brings you these contact opportunities! What do you do to build on your momentum?

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