Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Some Questions to Consider - What Do I "Do" With My Vision/Purpose Statement?

Okay . . . so you have a specific written vision/purpose statement . . . now what do you do with it? Maybe you have it painted on your wall and or printed on your children's ministry materials, but what do you actually "do" with your vision/purpose statement? Consider the following possibilities -

  • Use your vision/purpose to help others - parents, volunteers, staff and visitors - understand where you are headed with the children's ministry and what you are trying to accomplish.
  • Use your vision/purpose to measure what you are doing to be sure you stay "on track".
  • Use your vision/purpose to evaluate resources to determine what you use in your children's ministry.
  • Use your vision/purpose to evaluate activities to determine what you do in your children's ministry.
  • Use your vision/purpose to help you stay "focused" and effective in your children's ministry.
These are just a few things you could actually "do" with your children's ministry vision/purpose statement. What do you "do" with your vision/purpose statement?

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