Saturday, August 4, 2012

Go Fish Concert!

HomeI've posted in the past about the Go Fish Guys and said, "It can be tremendously difficult to find music with a solid message and tune which will get kids really singing . . . that is unless you take a good look at the music from Go Fish! Their music is flat out, amazing! The messages are solid and the tunes combine harmony and "pep" so kids not only sing the songs, but get up and dance as well! These are songs which most importantly, communicate a solid message about God's love, grace, forgiveness and the joy knowing Him brings to our lives!" I stand by this . . . it is all 100% true!

So today, along with once again recommending their music, I want to encourage you to keep your eyes open for the opportunity for the families in your ministry to go to a Go Fish concert! Go Fish says, "For most parents, going to a kids concert is generally considered a form of torture!  However, when you come to Go Fish concert prepare to be blown away by the coolest rock and roll show for families ever!  Bring your friends, neighbors and anyone else who needs to be rescued from the world of lame kids's time to Go Fish!"

My son, daughter-in-law and grandsons went to a Go Fish concert last week and said, "Our kids thoroughly enjoyed the concert. The music was great for dancing, and Josiah just went crazy over the pyrotechnics. The Go-Fish guys were very friendly, and made sure they high-fived each one of the kids and parents they could reach. The most important thing we liked, though, was the clear gospel message and the great vision of the band to impact kids for Christ." What more could you want? Yes, Josiah had a great time at the concert! He said it was lots of fun to dance to the music, and he was happy the music was loud! But the most important thing is the vision of the band to impact kids for Christ! 

Encourage the parents in your ministry to fill their homes with solid music like the music of Go Fish! Help children see the best and "coolest rock and roll" music is music which imparts a clear gospel message! Take them to a concert and talk with them about the messages they hear in these songs. Go Fish absolutely is a resource parents can use to pass on a heritage of faith to their children!

So, keep an eye on their website to watch for when a Go Fish concert is going to be in your area . . . or talk to someone at your church and see if you might be able to host the concert at your church - which would be an amazing thing you could do for the children and families in your ministry!!

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