Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Please Check CM Buzz for My Post - Are Your Volunteers Invisible?

Are your Children’s Ministry Volunteers “Invisible”? Children\s Ministry YouthIn addition to writing About the Children's Department, I also write for CM Buzz. My most recent post talks about, are your children's ministry volunteers invisible? I said, "By this I mean, in the eyes of the rest of your church, are they invisible? Do the people in your church know who they are? Do the people in your church know what they do? Do the people in your church understand how your children’s ministry volunteers actually serve them? . . . Children’s ministry volunteers serve out of “sight” in most churches. They are not the ones who are in the “front” of the church where everyone can see them. They are not the ones in the classes with adults. They are “invisible”. This presents several “problems” . . . or at least challenges.  When children’s ministry volunteers are “invisible” " and then gave some ways this can be a problem or challenge in our ministries.

Keep watch for future posts about ideas to help your volunteers become "visible"!

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