Thursday, August 23, 2012

The American Bible Challenge Debuts Tonight - & I Have a Winner!

Are you planning to watch the American Bible Challenge tonight on the Game Show Network? Well, tonight. Thursday, August 23, 2012, is the premier of this new game show at 8pm where contestants play this show which tests their knowledge of the Bible, not to win a pile of money for themselves, but to give their winnings to a charity! Jeff Foxworthy is the host and this show - which has its own Gospel Choir - is sure to garner attention!

I'm going to watch it for the following reasons . . . 
  • I enjoy trivia shows and this one will be particularly enjoyable for me as the questions are about the Bible - it will be fun to see how many questions I can get correct!
  • I enjoy shows Jeff Foxworthy hosts - I appreciate his humor!
  • The show asked to use one of my videos in this show, so I'm looking forward to seeing if they actually do use it! (I'll post a link if they do!)
  • I think this show looks like it will be great fun
  • most importantly, there are several of the teams which are playing for charities I really respect - these charities are doing incredible work, so I hope one of these teams win!
So . . . are you going to watch the American Bible Challenge? 

The people at the American Bible Challenge asked me to share the information about their show with you and made available a fun give-away of a T-Shirt with their logo on it and a NIV Quest Study Bible, so I'm happy to announce Heather Henry is the winner of this prize package (Heather, please message me your address by August 30, 2012 so I can have it sent to you)!

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  1. Thank you for the reminder today- I completely forgot about it! We are excited to see it! Thanks!