Monday, August 20, 2012

Thoughts About Keeping Track of It All . . . Notice Your Volunteers!

I've been posting about noticing the children who are, and who are not, in your ministry on a Sunday or Wednesday. Today I want to take a moment to encourage you to commit this new school year to notice your volunteers as well. Consider the following ideas for noticing your volunteers -
  • send cards to your volunteers for birthdays, anniversaries and if they are ill or going through a difficult time - see my post about this and free e-cards
  • give each volunteer their own "mail-box" and leave a special surprise at least once a month - see the post I wrote about this
  • "adopt" those volunteers - see the post I wrote about this
  • plan a volunteer Holiday Open House to celebrate your volunteers - see the post I wrote about this
These are just a few ideas, but commit to find one way you will notice your volunteers in the coming year of ministry and then be sure to follow through and do it! 

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