Friday, October 5, 2012

Aim A Little Lower . . . Where Are You Aiming?

As you think about children's ministry and the vision your church has for children's ministry, take a few minutes to watch this clip from 2fish5bread . . . 

Aim lower! Think smaller! Give Up! Go have a cup of coffee!

What can you do to help your church catch a vision for "aiming lower"? Consider a few of these ideas . . . 
  • show this video clip to your church and start the conversation
  • allow children to share with the church what they are learning and how they are living what they are learning in their everyday lives every day!
  • highlight a volunteer and a child in each church newsletter to share with the church all the amazing things which are happening in your children's ministry
  • make "table tents" each month - ask families to put them on  their tables at home so they can be praying for the children's ministry. Each month include a photo of a volunteer or team of volunteers on one side of the table tent. On another side include testimonies from the volunteer(s) about how they are seeing God work with the children and how serving has challenged them to grow in their own walk and on the third side share prayer requests. This will help keep the children's ministry, the children and the volunteers in the "eyes" of your church and the focus of prayer!
These are just a few ideas . . . what will you do to "Aim Lower"?

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