Saturday, October 13, 2012

Blessings in Disguise and Dehumanizing People - Must Reads!

I have shared links to STRAIGHT4ward with Loretta Baughan in past posts and want to share two more with you today and ask a few questions for you to consider . . . 

First, in her post, Blessings in Disguise, Loretta powerfully wrote about what happens when a parent learns their "precious child or other family member is afflicted with a health problem can turn everyone’s life upside down. A parent’s natural reaction is to move heaven and earth in an effort to do whatever it takes to solve the problem… to make things better. But that’s not always possible." She goes on to share her own experience as a mother with children who are "special blessings from God". A true must-read for all of us.

Secondly, in her post, Dehumanizing People, Loretta writes about how, "In schools across the country, districts using GLENCOE Education in Sexualitytextbooks, are subverting some students’ Christian, Pro-Life values by introducing a grey area concept in what is, and should be, a black and white issue. In teacher-led discussion, the class analyzes three different viewpoints on abortion… yes, three: against, in favor, and what they call “A Third View”. Loretta clearly explains what this "third view" is and shows how dangerous it is. Again, another must-read for all of us.

Take a few minutes and read both of these posts and then consider the following . . . 
  • what message does your children's ministry really communicate about children who are these "special blessings from God"? Do you have a plan in place to warmly welcome, include and engage all children and their families in your ministry? When you do not have a plan in place to do so, you communicate the message these children are not valued.
  • do you have a plan in place to come alongside parents who have children with special needs so you are able to offer support, encouragement and practical assistance to them and their families? Read again what the pastor in Loretta's account said to her . . . and see how it impacted her life. How can you be used of God to encourage a parent in need of such encouragement?
  • how do you communicate to children - from the youngest ages - all of us are loved and valued by God? What do you do to help children grow up with a tender heart for others so they have the ability to show patience, love and concern for those who society may deem less valuable? How do you equip children with the truth so they are able to discern the lies they will be taught and have the strength to take a stand against them?
We need to say children who are "special blessings from God" are valued in our churches . . . and then take the steps to show it by the way we act and live!

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