Thursday, October 4, 2012

"Boil the Frog Slowly . . ." Check this Post from Loretta Baughan!

If you have not taken the opportunity to check out STRAIGHT4ward with Loretta Baughan, please take a moment to do so. Loretta wrote a very thought provoking post - "Boil the Frog Slowly: Staking Claims on the Next Generation"  - it will give you many things to think about. 

As you read it, thank about how we might do this same thing in the church . . . 
  • Do we tend to give the impression to parents that they need us to teach their kids? 
  • Do parents tend to relinquish the role of primary discipler of children to their church? 
  • If so, why? 
  • How can we better equip parents so they are the primary discipler of their children?
Read Loretta's post - it will give you much to think about!

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