Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Put Feet to Their Faith - Gifts of Hope from WorldHelp

If you are like me you already have Christmas gifts for family members sitting in your closet and have a list made up in your mind of the items you still need to get. I LOVE giving gifts to people, so Christmas is clearly one of my favorite times of the year! However, along with giving gifts to my family, I also am making a point of involving my young grandsons in giving gifts to others. They are working on filling boxes for Operation Christmas Child, but we are also going to be choosing items from WorldHelp's Gifts of Hope so children and families around the world who are in need will be able to receive special gifts this year . . . and most importantly, learn about the Best Gift ever; Jesus!

Vernon Brewer, the founder of WorldHope, has the following to say about their Gifts of Hope catalog, "Christmas holds a special place in each of our hearts as a time of cherished memories with family and friends. Sadly, too many around the world have never experienced the warmth and love of the holidays. As you enjoy this season, I pray that you will also consider the welfare of desperate people all around the world.

All the gifts in this catalog bring lasting help and hope to the disadvantaged by meeting needs in four strategic areas: aid, education, sustainability, and community development.
These are gifts I know will help bring wholeness and health—I have seen it with my own eyes! Each gift is hand-picked for its ability to nurture, develop, and sustain. When you give one of these gifts, you give health and future well-being to its recipient.
Through Gifts of Hope, we have the chance to share with our family and friends gifts that will make a true and lasting difference. Last year’s Gifts of Hope yielded an incredible impact . . . 20,000 lives forever changed! And I know with the help of impassioned givers, we can touch even more.
This Christmas, will you join me in bringing hope to those who have never experienced it before?"
So, will you join me in involving your family - and your church - in sharing gifts which will make a true and lasting difference? Sit down with the children in your ministry and select a gift they would like to give and help them choose a couple projects they can work on to raise the money for their gifts! Yes, as children they will think about the things they would like to receive this Christmas, but with Gifts of Hope you can help them also focus on the gifts they would like to GIVE to children and families around the world!

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