Thursday, October 11, 2012

Put Feet to Their Faith - Gifts of Hope

There are only 74 more days until Christmas! And, since I'm an adult, I'm sure the time will fly by and Christmas will be here before I know it . . . if I was a child I'm sure the time would drag! If you are looking for a project which you could involve the children and families in your ministry in to help them give to others this Christmas, take a look at WorldHelp's Gifts of Hope!

With the Gifts of Hope catalog you can pick items to give to children and families around the world . . . these items can . . . and actually do . . . change lives as people receive items they truly need - such as coats, seeds, farm animals, clean water, shelter and more - and most importantly, learn about the best Gift the world has ever received; Jesus!

Go online and look at their catalog - order some to share with the children and families in your church. Ask small groups/classes/families to pick an item they would like to give this year and then plan how they will raise the money to order the item they chose. You could have a Christmas Cookie bake-off and sell cookies to raise money. Or, you could have children make Christmas ornaments and sell them and use the money to buy items from the Gifts of Hope catalog. Or, you could have a craft fair and give the money for buying gifts from the catalog to help children and families around the world.

What will you do to put feet to their faith and involve the children and families in your church with Gifts of Hope this Christmas?

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