Saturday, November 17, 2012

If We Build It, They Will Come . . .

I saw an interesting - rather amazing - photo on facebook  . . . 
(This is the turnoff from Banff to the Trans-Canada Highway. Many stretches of this highway run through wilderness areas and they found vehicle/animal collisions increased, so they built "animal crossings" - fences with one-way gates, overpasses and underpasses so animals could have a safe way to cross where their animal trails already were. This photo actually shows a bridge for the Canadian Pacific railway, but the elk found it provided a safe way for them to cross as well - as long as a train isn't headed for them!)

 This photo made me think . . . 
  • the wildlife apparently noticed and were very willing to make use of the safe places for them to cross . . . they clearly made the choice to use them. What do we do to help parents and children in our communities know about the opportunities we provide for their children in our ministries? How do we "promote"? Who do we "promote" to? Do we accept low turn-outs or do we commit to "make it apparent" to all around us when we have opportunities for children to be involved in our ministries? "If we build it, they will come" . . . so, what do we do to let others know we "built it" and want them to "come"?
  • the reason for the gates, overpasses and underpasses is to provide a safe crossing for wildlife . . . what do we do to ensure our children's ministries provide a safe place for children? In this day and age, parents need to know what policies and procedures you have in place and follow to ensure their children are safe in your care. If you do not have a safety policy, before you do another thing, get a policy in writing and follow it to the letter. Regularly schedule opportunities for parents to sit down with you to go through your safety policies so they know what they are. Always include safety training in your volunteer training and whenever you have a new volunteer, always require them to complete a safety training before they are allowed to work with the children.
My first response to this photo was, "This is amazing!" Let's commit to making this the response of the families in our communities when they see what we are doing for their children and how we are committed to the safety of their children!

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