Monday, November 12, 2012

Movie Review - Brave

Tomorrow, November 13, 2012, is the release to blu-ray/DVD date for the Disney movie, Brave. When this movie was in the theaters last spring, I heard "rumblings" about how it was not a good movie for families to see: it had the main character showing disrespect and disobedience to her mother and there was "nudity" in it. Well, certainly these are things to be concerned about, so I was somewhat apprehensive as I reviewed the movie when Disney sent me the blu-ray/DVD to review. 

First of all, I do have to say it is true, the main character does show disrespect and disobedience to her mother and there is "nudity" in it . . . but, the movie focuses very strongly on the main character, Meridia, and her mother as they struggle to learn to communicate - and listen - to each other. The main part of the movie shows how Merida feels very bad about the choices she made and how they effected her mother and how she works to try and repair what she did. There is genuine repentance as Merida takes responsibility for the wrong things she did and shows true remorse for the consequences. 

The "nudity" is bare bottoms - and it is animated, so since most families with young children have a few instances here and there of "bare bottoms" in their homes, I think this "concern" is overblown.

I like this movie - I really enjoyed the humor and the Scottish brogue. The animation is amazing and the story is one which provides many opportunities for families to talk about spending time together, playing together, facing, accepting and meeting challenges, showing respect to parents - and to children, listening to each other, and what repentance looks like, just to mention a few!

Brave is sure to be a family favorite - it is great fun to watch and can start some important conversations so for these reasons, I say, pop a big bowl of popcorn and watch it with your family!

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