Friday, December 21, 2012

Kisses from Katie - Book Review

If you are serving in children's ministry, you certainly believe children matter; we believe Jesus when He said, “Whenever you did it for any of my people, no matter how unimportant they seemed, you did it for me.” But, in our "world" of "comfort" and "plenty" - at least for most of us here in the USA, how do our lives show this is what we truly believe?

Around the world children are often treated as "unimportant" - even, sadly, in our churches - but nowhere is this more true than in Africa. In the book, "Kisses from Katie" you have the opportunity to see what it looks like when someone takes Jesus at His word and truly values what and who He values. When someone cares for people; "no matter how unimportant they seem" because they believe when they care for those who are deemed "unimportant", they are really caring for Jesus.

Katie Davis was an 18-year old from Nashville, Tennessee, who took Jesus at His Word; so much so, she moved to Uganda, Africa, and cared for children. She washed and cared for their physical wounds and cared for their emotional and spiritual wounds by giving her all to love them with the love of Jesus. To say her story is "challenging" doesn't even come close. Katie ended up adopting 14 girls and literally caring for - feeding, clothing and providing medical care and an education for hundreds of children. She says she can't change a country, but she can be used of Jesus to change the lives of some children who can go on to change their country!

This is a book you truly want to read. Katie honestly shares her challenges, sorrows and joys as she lives the life Jesus has planned and called her to live. In so doing, she challenges us to do the same! 

In this season of giving consider what you can do to care for the people Jesus loves; no matter how "unimportant" they may seem. Consider involving the children in your ministry in a project to help Katie as she serves as the hands and feet of Jesus to the children and adults in Uganda, Africa. Challenge the children in your ministry to live as people who do the same; when there is a child at school who the others do not include, help them see they can be people who care for a love them the way Jesus does! While they may not end up moving to Africa, they can still be the hands and feet of Jesus wherever they are - and so can you!

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