Thursday, December 13, 2012

My Christmas Carol for Today . . . Mary Did You Know?

Yes, I know I just posted this song a couple days ago as my Christmas Carol of the day, but I want to share it again; this time with Cee Lo Green singing the song and let you know about a new movie which is releasing in March . . . the Bible!

THE BIBLE is a 10-hour television series produced by Roma Downey (Touched By an Angel) and Mark Burnett (The VoiceSurvivorShark TankCelebrity Apprentice) premiering on 3/3/13, and Blu-ray and DVD soon after. Cee Lo's music video of Mary Did You Know includes video from the Bible and is powerful. 

I'm delighted for the opportunity to imbed this video on my blog for you to watch throughout the coming two weeks as we celebrate the amazing Gift God gave us all with the birth of a baby in a manger 2000 years ago! Won't you join me in "caroling" your friends this month by "sharing" my Christmas Carol posts with your friends?!

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