Sunday, December 2, 2012

the Hallelujah Chorus - My Christmas Carol for You Today!

Hello! My Christmas Carol for you today is a "presentation of the Hallelujah Chorus . . . in a food court at a mall by a "flash mob" . . . I thought it would be a fun Christmas "carol" for today!

 My friend, Maralee McKee posted this info last year about the Hallelujah Chorus, so I thought I'd share it with you today - In 1741 King George II stood when the Hallelujah Chorus of Handel's Messiah was played for the first time in London. Royal (and Presidential) protocol states everyone in the room stands in honor of the royal. King George stood in honor of Christ. Since then, it is Christian tradition to stand during the chorus to show you also honor Christ as the King of Kings. 

Won't you join me in "caroling" your friends this month by "sharing" my Christmas Carol posts with your friends!

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