Wednesday, December 19, 2012

VBS 2013 - Top Pick in Music - Gotta Move from Go Fish!

I'm very happy to announce my Top Pick for VBS Music for 2013 - Gotta Move from Go Fish Guys! Go Fish's music is a combination of solid lyrics, great harmonies and lots of "spunk" - all combining for songs children - and adults - will want to sing far beyond the five days of VBS!

This year Go Fish is offering six songs for their VBS - you can hear clips of these songs and see the lyrics by following this link. I love the message of their songs and the music, but I'm most thankful for the way they combine the two for music which will make a difference in the lives of children. As children sing these songs they will be reminded of what they learned and be challenged, "if they wanna bear fruit, then they gotta move" because if they, have the "fruit, they can show by how they live", they "want the world to see, Jesus set them free"! Kids will be able to "give all the glory to their King" because God is their God so, they can, "want everything they do to bring Him glory"! I love the "re-make" of the old camp song which will have kids singing, "My God is so big and so strong and so mighty, there's nothing my God cannot do!" 

Definitely check these songs out and use them in your VBS, Sunday School, Children's Church, Mid-Week - any time you have children singing! Be sure parents know about these songs so they can add them to their family's collection of music, too!

Yes, these are the messages we want kids - and parents - to know, remember and live in their everyday lives, every day and these songs will absolutely help them remember so they can live them! This is why the music from Gotta Move is my Top Pick for Music for VBS 2013! 

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